crop circles and space age coloring

Crop Circles & Space Creatures

Crop circles (also called wheat graffiti, and alien art) can be quite impressive. New crop circle sightings can bring crowds of curious spectators, photographers, skeptics, true believers and space alien UFO-ologists to further trample and cause more damage to the farm field's crop.

You don't need to disturb a local farmer's crops in order to envision and create a perfect child-sized cropcircle. Crop circles, mazes and labyrinths can easily be made using chalk sticks on a playground surface, or with sleds and snow shoes in freshly fallen snow or on a broad sandy surface.

Where Do Crop Circles Really Come From?

Artistic Aliens or Human Pranksters?

While many people believe crop circles are created by artistic aliens trying to deliver messages to earthlings from space, they are more likely the result of human pranksters.

In 1991, two men from Southampton, England, admitted they had conceived the idea as a prank and demonstrated to the public exactly how they created many crop circles using only planks, rope, hats, and wire as tools.

However, because no one ever seems to witness crop circles during the actual, dark-of-night, construction, true believers think it is only logical to suspect mischevious space aliens. or greys, instead of humans.

The historic examples of cropcircle and Nazca line art images in Paper Crop Circles for Children web site are based upon common public domain images and in historical reference material. These images are artist renditions however, and are definitely not identical copies, scientifically, historically accurate or drawn to scale representations.

Purpose of this site is to provide a brief introduction to crop circle activities for children (young and old) in the hopes of piquing interest for further investigation into this fascinating subject.

Crop circles usually appear mysteriously overnight in fields of tall wheat and grain which can cause a great loss of crops and income to the farmers.