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Learning to make money online and blogging about things that I love.

martedì 13 ottobre 2015

Making money on the Internet

I have been up and down the internet seeking ways of how a mom can make money on the internet.As we go on this journey, I must admit that my focus has been on full time mom, my little one is working on his music and this is the latest project would need your support with:

lunedì 30 giugno 2014

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

Making Money Online with UlaOla

Creating Own Jobs

ever thought of how to make a difference in your own life? Don't just sit there and wait for jobs to come your way, do something about it.
UlaOla can help you.

What is Ulaola?

UlaOla is a virtual marketplace where you can sell your hand made products. You can open a shop with Ulaola, decorate it in your style and sell your products worldwide. Twenty eight selling product categories are available to cover handmade items on sale: accessories, furniture & design, art, kids, health & beauty, handbags, candles, fashion, crochet, needlecraft, knitting items for holidays and special occasions, food, toys and miniatures, jewelry & bijoux, books, materials, music, paper objects, ceramics, glassware, wooden items, home decor, petworld, plants, flowers and seeds, DIY patterns, everything else, vintage.
To learn more about ULAOLA visit us at :http://www.ulaola.com/index/chi-siamo

register today at ulaola and start selling handmade products.

mercoledì 17 marzo 2010


I have been a stay home Mom for atleast over 7 years. I must confess that this is starting to stress me out. I have been thinking now what? Though I have been blogging for quite some time now I haven't been very successful like many bloggers claim that they a making 3 or 4 figures just blogging. But then I think some is just hype as many talk of making thousands of dollars in minutes which of course they want to sell you their products and that is the way they make money.
Then when you buy their products? Do you make money online automatically?
I have never bought any products but have read widely on how to make money online. I think it also depends on luck and sometime I think my luck has just not come or it's coming as I have read read and prepared myself with some knowledge of how to make money online.
Blogging Mom just take a few minutes a day while not cooking with me from my cook italian way blog to read a few articles on what Im reading on making money online.

Our first step in the world of making money online

Moms wanting to make money online especially the new arrivals here is method number 1 PPC Advertising Networks
On PPC advertising Google Ad Sense is most popular option, take this in millions of websites even newspapers you see ads by google. Come to think of it Google is a big company with billions in profits and they are kind enough to share with you this profit. All you have to do is register with google, get some codes to fix in your blog and wow ready to have money flow in. But there is much to be done. Just google adsense and PPC ads and you will find resources to help you get started on this.To profit from adsense you need clicks which more traffic you have more possibilities you have for clicks. Another 2 words to google to read more is CTR and CPC. There is a whole world to discover about click through rates and profitable keywords.Another word to google is niche, some niches are already overcrowded and so the cost per pay is low while on click per pay google also arbitrage
Another factor that will influence your income level is the source of your traffic, if traffic comes from search then it means people will tend to spend more time on your site if it is relevant and possibly more clicks. While the other traffic mostly from social sites will not click as they already know that if they click they make you money and I think they just ignore the ads even if they are very relevant to the general site. Now to get the traffic from the search engine at this point you need to google search engine optimization look at a small example in my older post here SEO

So the common CPC includes google Ad sense, Yahoo publisher network (YPN, bidVertiser
and Chitika

I haven't explored a lot the others but just google or yahoo them. If you have some addition info to share please leave as comment and or send me email and I will enter them as a guest post.
I will be back tommorrow with the method number 2 of making money online while blogging.

martedì 16 marzo 2010


Use Virgin Money to borrow and lend through family and friends for mortgage, personal, business and student loans. Borrow and Lend Money From Friends and Family With Virgin Money :http://www.virginmoneyus.com/